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Show zoomable Internet maps
from any given pair of GPS coordinates

There is not much to tell about this open source freeware: You enter a pair of coordinates in the following format:

North/South dd.ddddd°
East/West ddd.ddddd°

There is also an option to enter coordinates in the following formats:

dd° mm.mmm / ddd° mm.mmm
dd° mm ss.ss / ddd° mm ss.ss

A click on the resulting link which will bring you to a site that shows a zoomable map. The link to such a service can be changed manually in case the present service (www.mapquest.com) ceases to function.

Download GPS-Mappy

3.7 MB - sorry for the bloated file but I am proficient in FileMaker Pro only;=(

For those who have a copy of FileMaker Pro v5.0 or better the source file is included in the download zip file.

In order to avoid possible confusion with other software the original name "GPS-Mapper" was changed into "GPS-Mappy" in October 2003.

Screenshot GPS-Mappy

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